Cereal and Milk


This classic combination is so rarely spoken about that it inspired me pen a love letter to the most basic fat scheme that can possible exist. The simplest solution to silence a growling stomach: Cereal and Milk.

This guiltless pleasure is the express train to satisfaction. How can such an underappreciated concept be the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and nosh? Like in any great relationship, it’s about how each partner’s attributes complement the other to form a perfect pair. Cereal and milk strike the ideal balance of sweet versus salty, wet versus dry, and crunch versus creamy, making it impossible to resist at any given moment. If only John Harvey Kellog could see us desiring for something that was meant to curb our carnal urges. The coveted combination also provides you with the luxury of being the sole manager of its production and quality control. You theorize and decide on the perfect ratio of its components. You determine the order of integration, cereal to milk or milk to cereal (this produces much debate among enthusiasts). You accessorize with items like fruit or nuts. You resolve on a set quantity that is specific to your needs at that moment which leads to minimal wastage; though for some reason eating an entire box of cereal leaves you with far less guilt than a carton of ice cream.

Customizable, cheap, fast, and filling it truly is the little black dress in your pantry. Probably the only item I look forward to eating out of a box since I doubt I could ever bring myself to try the home-made approach. And then there is Cereal Milk, the all star offspring of cereal and milk: a product that is not only enjoyed while washing down compost cookies, but also as a bold base to ice creams, pie fillings, and anything else Christina Tosi can think of.

So why not lean into the trend!  It’s finally time to come out of that pantry closet with pride. Take out your good china and turn your next potluck to a upscale cereal bar. Splurge on that designer Fruit Loops dispenser. Bring back the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, pour it into your Ultimate Cereal bowl and don’t look back. To conclude this proclamation of love, I leave you with one of the OG’s of viral videos; it’s paired best with 70/30 ratio of Honey Nut Cheerios and 2%.


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